Duhai HATI,
Janganlah engkau terkorban dengan dunia,
Hidup ini sebenarnya untuk mencari MATI yang sempurna

Being born as a Muslim ,
does not make you a better person.
It's not how you start the race.
It's how you end it..


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favourite Nasheed Group

 Have any of you heard of Edcoustic before??
Its a Nasheed group from Indonesia.

Among my favourites are Muhasabah Cinta, Sebiru Hari Ini, Duhai Pendampingku and many more.
The flow of music which is mediocre and the usage of basic instrument like guitar beautify the songs.
It consists of Islamic songs mostly about love towards God, spouse and friends. In my opinion, their songs suit the youngsters' taste. Their songs also up-to-date and very meaningful.



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