Duhai HATI,
Janganlah engkau terkorban dengan dunia,
Hidup ini sebenarnya untuk mencari MATI yang sempurna

Being born as a Muslim ,
does not make you a better person.
It's not how you start the race.
It's how you end it..


Monday, August 6, 2012

siapa ada wordpress??

salam korang!! nak buat announcement sikit. jia dah ade wordpress!ahaaa lambat betul kan.
so siapa yg ade tu kalau rajin boleh lah follow2 and baca2.. (even xde sapa tahu kewujudan wordpress tu)
mungkin jia akan rajin menaip kat wordpress pulak sebab kat sini pun dah terbiar sepi lama kan.

nie ha link nya..

bukan apa, wordpress bagi jia is simple, x berat macam blog dan sangat cool!
untuk orang yang rimas dgn blog yg sarat dan ada lagu2 segala jom la buat wordpress pulak!hee
dia macam tumblr dan blog dalam satu laa.kot?ahaa
so jom ramai2 buat wordpress pulak! peace

siapa cool dia buat wordpress!hahaa

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mereka berkata..

Mereka kata aku ustazah kerana tudungku yang labuh dari tudungku yang sebelumnya.
Mereka kata aku 'alim kerana aku permergian aku ke usrah yang berkala pada setiap minggu.
Mereka kata aku warak kerana aku berstokin, ber'handsocks', berjubah.
Mereka kata aku solehah kerana acap kali aku post mengenai artikel-artikel ilmiah, dakwah & sebagainya.
Tetapi jauh di sudut hatiku,
mahu saja aku menangis sekuat hati bila terdengar bisikan-bisikan & suara-suara itu kerana aku tahu aku masih belum mampu mencapai tahap itu.
Sememangnya aku tahu kerana aku sedang bertarung dengan diriku sendiri.
ketahuilah bahawa ianya bukanlah mudah.
Hatiku, hanya Allah yang bisa memahami walaupun tak terungkap dengan kata-kata.
Aku masih & tetap akan terus merintih pada Dia kerana aku tahu aku masih berada di dalam lautan kekurangan.

Kadang-kadang aku tergelincir kerana jalan kehidupanku penuh dengan nikmat-nikmat.
Kadang-kadang aku terluka kerana jalan kehidupanku penuh dengan paku-paku kecil yang bertabur di tengah jalan.
Kadang-kadang aku terhantuk kerana jalan kehidupanku adakalanya terasa sempit.
Kadang-kadang aku terduduk sendiri kerana adakalanya aku kesunyian dalam meniti jalan kehidupanku yang aku sendiri tak tahu bila & di mana penghujungnya.
Ya Allah, moga mereka yang berada di sekelilingku berkehendak redha-Mu sepertimana jua aku.
Cintailah mereka-mereka yang aku cintai hanya kerana-Mu.
Aku begini bukan hanya untuk diriku tetapi untuk mereka jua.
Maafkan aku kerana kadangkalanya aku khilaf. Terlupa ke arah mana yang patut aku tuju..

Aku dalam proses 'mengambil hati-Nya'.
Aku dalam proses 'mengetuk pintu hati-Nya'.
Aku dalam proses 'menggapai cinta-Nya'.
Aku dalam 'proses' menagih redha-Nya'.
Umurku hampir mencecah 20 tahun tetapi sepertinya tiada apa yang sudah aku lakukan.

Sebak hati tatkala aku terbayang,
bilakah waktu terakhirku.
dimanakah tempat terakhirku.
siapakah orang yang terakhir berada denganku.
dengan cara apakah aku mengakhiri cerita hidupku
Ya Allah, permudahkalah saat-saat, detik-detik
waktu terakhir kami di atas dunia yang penuh dengan tipu daya ini.
Aaamiin Ya Rabb..
credit to : Allah seeker

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Favourite Nasheed Group

 Have any of you heard of Edcoustic before??
Its a Nasheed group from Indonesia.

Among my favourites are Muhasabah Cinta, Sebiru Hari Ini, Duhai Pendampingku and many more.
The flow of music which is mediocre and the usage of basic instrument like guitar beautify the songs.
It consists of Islamic songs mostly about love towards God, spouse and friends. In my opinion, their songs suit the youngsters' taste. Their songs also up-to-date and very meaningful.



Owner of my heart after Allah and Rasul..(InshaAllah)

Well, people keep saying about love.
I'm not a good writer
I ain't good with words
But what is love to me? (Im writing this entry with a hugeeeee smile) :)
YOU..Yes you, my future husband. Im saving the word 'love' for you..InshaAllah
For me,  Real Love means helping each other to attain Jannah, Not holding each others hands walking towards The Hellfire. What is love if you bring someone walk into the hellfire?

So, let me begin the story with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. 

We don't have to walk while holding hands like other couples,
Because we have hold each other's heart,
Me??One day..
Its been 9 years++ since i knew you back then.
Indeed, it's true that you're the first person that I 'fall in love' with
The one that I attracted to, although I was only 10 years old at that time :p

I didn't know that you 'fall in love' with me too
Despite my body size, yes I was a fat little kid back then
Only you accepted me when the other chose to tease me & call me 'Tembam' & other few 'cute' names

You said, "A pure Islamic family comes from a pure relationship"
Instead of seeing each other and always texting
We choose to change our way of communication through Dua's(prayers)
We choose to prepare ourselves to be a better mu'min
We  had chosen not to be in a forbidden relationship
We choose to worship Allah and love Rasulullah s.a.w

Sometimes if I suddenly miss you
I remembered what you had told me, 
"Each and every second we both remember Allah, there is where our love deserve to meet"
MasyaAllah, each words you say will be based to Allah's reminders and His love,
You always reminds me not to put too much hope in our relationship
We don't know whether we are destined to be together or not
But we have to try cuz we believe that
 Allah will count all of the efforts that we made
Who knows one day Allah repay us with what we deserve 
Subhanallah, Allah is such a perfect planner 

But one thing for sure,
 I never told you that I have pray for us together since I was at primary school.
It sounds ridiculous but it's the fact that when I performed solah, 
I will pray that you'll be the right man for me. 
The one that will guide me to the Jannah
Yes, maybe at such a young age, you  never thought that someone was praying for you
and hoping you'll be the chosen ONE for her

Then, I realize something that made me stop praying of you.
Yeah, I lost hope..Not because I gave up, but because I think it's silly
How can COUSINS be in a relationship? 
I forgot that Islam is Syumul
There is not such thing that cousins can't get married in Islam
Moreover, his father and my father are cousins too. Not siblings. 

Now, I'm wondering..Is Allah answering my past Dua's?
I never thought that we will be this close. 
So close..until we are planning to wrap things up with a legal bond (InshaAllah)
Seriously, I can't believe this at first. Maybe this is what we call fate. 
Is this what I'm asking for a few years ago??Subhanallah.. :')
Whatever it is, I'm preparing myself for this
No matter whoever it might be
I believe that finding the RIGHT man for the marriage is the second challenge.
The first challenge is to be the RIGHT woman that a right man wants to marry.
I want to be the one that a pious man deserves. 

We also have make our own checklist on what we target to achieve before marriage. 
Hopefully, Allah will make ease on us.. 

*So, for you, my dear future hubby
Please make sure that all of the items in your checklist are crossed out before moving on to the next level (to whom it may concern)

The most important thing, marriage is not only about love
It's about making a great Ummah. So friends..
Let's help Islam!Let's be prepared!

Love has broad meaning. Please people...
It's not only about two people who fall in love
Love, without faith(iman) is nothing
Because only faith can stop us to act beyond the limit

"Ya Rabb, if he is the right person for me,  
bring his heart close to mine, 
but if he is not meant for me,
Please bring peace to our hearts."
May Allah grants us with a High Class Love..

"Marriage is not only about wearing good clothes, not about how sweet the wedding gonna be. It's about strengthen the relationship between two families or more, it's about sharing love and thought. It's about having someone who will always be by your side, it's about all the way you love each other and will be blessed by HIM. It's about having someone who makes you feel acceptable,loved, and needed and there, both person will be there for each other together to love forever here and in another world. It's about, 'the more you love and appreciate your Soulmate, the more you'll be blessed by the Lord.''  -DenaBahrin-

The End- Assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Places I would like to visit, hee

1. The place I would like to visit the MOST is Makkah Al Mukarramah. Subhanallah, I hope one day I will have the chance to visit it.  Let say, throughout your life you have prayed, fasted and given in charity. Now, only one pillar remains; a pillar combining both physical and financial acts of worship, an act dating back to the time of Ibrahim (AS); the Hajj. Follow in the footsteps of millions before you; prophets, scholars and the righteous. Stand before Allah on the plains of Arafat and beseech Him to wipe away your sins, sleep alongside other Muslims from all over the world under a canopy of stars in Muzdalifah and add to the mountain of stones thrown at the pillars in Mina. Make tawaf within touching distance of the Ka’bah and pray behind the imam in the Prophet’s mosque in Madinah. MasyaAllah, Im looking forward to go to Makkah one day.

Venice!! It is lovely if I can go with my spouse.Ouch, with my husband of course, Italy is a country full of history and culture, mainly due to the development of one of the most important cultures worldwide: the Roman Empire. Italy boasts several destinations that worth a visit, we can consider Rome, as Italy capital city; Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance; Venice, Pizza, Naples, Tuscany, Verona, Bologna, Sorrento and Milan; among others that one must include in a Europe trip. So,it is  indeed a wonderful place to go. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Universal Studio which is located in Singapore is like a MUST visit place. As the ticket price is affordable, it is a nice vacation place for a family.  Universal Studios Singapore is divided into seven zones – 

Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient 

Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away, and 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creamy Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe

When it comes to eating, I am choosy type of person. I will choose what I really like to eat and I prefer to cook on my own rather than asking my mum to cook it for me. I will also cook for my family because I love seeing other people eating food that I cook.Here is one of my simple favourite dish which I like to cook, Spaghetti Carbonara.  As I am so  lazy to write out my own recipe right now, here is a recipe that I kopi&pasta from other place.haha


A packet of spaghetti
1 can of PREGO Cheese & Herbs spaghetti sauce
Meat (chicken/beef)
1/4 litre of fresh milk
3-4 large cloves of garlic (or 1/4 of a bulb)
a tbsp of oyster sauce
Carrot strips (used a peeler)
Chilli flakes (it's really to cater to our local taste, avoiding 'muak' when consuming too-creamy-too-cheesy food)
Chopped fresh parsley
Grated Parmesan cheese
Fresh grounded pepper
Salt to taste
Olive oil


Prepare your spaghetti ...
1. Boil spaghetti in a large pot of water with some salt & olive oil
2. Drain the water & set your spaghetti aside

Prepare the cheese sauce ... (can be done simultaneously with the spaghetti prep)
1. Ground your black pepper, then add garlic to it & start crushing them together
2. Heat olive oil in the pan, then saute the garlic & pepper
3. Add meat to the pan (you might want to add some chicken cube if you like)
4. Add milk and PREGO cheese & herbs, then stir well
5. Add carrot strips, oyster sauce, chilli flakes & chopped fresh parsley

Combine the two ...
1. Add yer cooked spaghetti to the sauce in the pan
2. Add water to the consistency you like (I prefer just a little bit ... let it be not too thick as it will thicken by the time the dish cools down for ppl to eat :) )
3. Serve with grated Parmesan & parsley

Copied and edited from